Business Solutions

A large Element of Mechanical production takes place in most of the Production companies. We are well-known in the electroplating industry providing support in efficient production with our Machines. Our company is a professional design and manufacturing of electroplating equipment manufacturer, with years resource of plating on-site technical control and equipment design experience, and keeping learning advanced design concept, coupled with the tireless efforts of our staff, then developed and produced various types of high quality and stable products, to ensure our customers with a hardware guarantee.

We would like to communicate with our customers, that integrate of all our technology and intelligence according with your needs, to pursuit the best value for our customers. We guarantee that customers will continue to provide new value from our continuous development.

Automatic electroplating production line, automatic gantry hanging plating machine, gantry type automatic barrel plating machinery, cantilever rack plating production lines, vertical lifting ring hanging plating production lines, drying ovens, industrial waste gas and waste water treatment equipment.

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