Nickel Chrome Plating

This Plating process absorbs impurities from the metal and provides it a better Brightness. This process is well known for its effectiveness & comprises of the following:

  • Dull Nickel
  • Bright Nickel
  • Anthracite Grey Nickel
  • Satin Nickel
  • Nickel Activation
  • Electroless Nickel Process

The Electro Nickel Plating Process

Electro nickel plating, also known as nickel electro-deposition, is becoming an increasingly popular process for a variety of different manufacturing applications. Electro nickel plating is a process that uses an electrical current to coat a conductive material, typically made of metal, with a thin layer of nickel. Other metals used for electroplating include stainless steel, copper, zinc, and platinum.

Benefits of Electro Nickel Plating

In general, electroplating improves a wide range of characteristics not inherently present in the base material. Some of these benefits include,

  • Increased resistance to corrosion
  • Improved hardness
  • Superior strength
  • Resistance to wear
  • Improved ductility
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