Polypropylene Filter Unit

Polypropylene filters may be used on the majority of electroplating solutions including:

NICKEL – bright, semi-bright, dull , Electro less
ZINC – cyanide, alkaline, acid, neutral
TIN – acid, stannate
COPPER – Acid copper, Cyanide Copper

For the following solutions filters fitted with special pumps can be supplied:

- fluoroborate and fluoride based solutions
- acid copper
- acid tin (including bright solution.)
- solutions containing free hydrochloric acid e.g. nickel chloride strike solutions.

 Polypropylene Filter

Specification: Filter units are supplied in three sizes having one, two and three filter containers respectively. The filter contains are made of polypropylene material . The single and double container units are fitted with castors for ease of movement in a rectangular rust proof frame.

Filter Pack: All filters are supplied with a Plate type pack . Packs can easily be removed from the container for cleaning . We can supply with filters with polypropylene filters cartridges also.

Pump: Magnetically coupled, seals mono block pumps can also be supplied. The filter units are supplied complete with a suitable motor, mounted on the rectangular rust proof frame.

Pipe work: Filters are provided with inlets and outlets with two 3 meter lengths of reinforced acid resistant polypropylene hose. All pipe work is made up of polypropylene. Filter units can be used for following purposes.

  • Transfer of solution from plating tank to storage.
  • Solution circulation with filtration.
  • New bath Chemical make-up tanks.
  • Plating solution purification treatments.
  • Effluent solution filtration.

Order Requirements:

When ordering please give the following information:

  • Type number of filter unit required.
  • Solution to be filtered. Please note that the use of a single filtration unit for different types of solution is not recommended.
  • Solution temperature.
  • Power supply.
  • Details of pipe work requirements and any ancillary equipment existing or required.
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