Pre – Treatment Plants

A thorough material pretreatment is the fundamental prerequisite of any high quality coating. Wet or Dry pretreatment, depends on the material to be coated. SINE Roboticks Streamline provides solutions for degreasing, phosphating, grinding, shot blasting or ionizing on the turnkey basis with requisite Material Handling and Automation.

SINE Roboticks Streamline is the leading provider & specializes in manufacturing and supplying of Automatic Pretreatment Plants, which are admired by clients for their robust construction and automatic smooth functioning. These Pre treatment plants are fully programmed according to the process requirements of the client. Pretreatment Plants are used for surface preparation for painting, powder coating, ED coating etc. (This includes Cleaning and Phosphating, Cromatising etc).

Used to condition the surface enabling desired adherence of paint on product.
Suitable for ferrous & non-ferrous components processing.
Following are the two kinds of Pre-treatment plants :

  • Dip Pre-treatment with transporter based.
  • Spray Pre-treatment with conveyor, EMS or Monorail.


  • Consistent quality of coatings to meet specification requirements like SALT SPRAY Life.
  • Significant improvements in paint and powder coating performance.
  • Improved corrosion resistance under the organic coating surface.
  • Provide increased adhesion & improved flexibility.
  • Adhesive bonding & laminating is made possible by specific pretreatment, increases SCRATCH and IMPACT resistance.
  • Wear resistance & anti-galling properties for critical moving parts.
  • Improvement in corrosion resistance of metal parts by providing a base for waxes and rust preventing oils.
  • Heavy Phosphate coatings make it possible to draw & form metals by the production of high levels of surface lubrication.
  • MIP Coating increases the lubrication properties of the surfaces.
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